Lila Ho-Takeda, B.Sc. Nursing, RAc – Lila’s Acupuncture

Lila Ho-Takeda PhotoI am excited to provide traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) acupuncture services at The Medicine Tree Healing Arts Centre.

I was raised and educated (B.Sc.N) in Edmonton with the exception of my TCM education at the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver.  I have lived in the Lethbridge area for over thirty years.  I am happily married and have two young adult daughters.

I am grateful for the encouragement, support and love of my family and friends without which Lila’s Acupuncture would not be possible.  I am also deeply appreciative to my mentors, Doctors Jennifer Gao, Sean Hantke, Tobie Spitzer and Wendy Takeda for the opportunities they have provided in shaping my career as a TCM acupuncturist.

As both a nurse and TCM practitioner, I promote a holistic approach of both Western and Eastern medicine to achieve and maintain wellness and to prevent illness

The energy (Qi) connection and balance between body, mind and spirit is the foundation of my practice.  I help clients to connect the emotional, spiritual and lifestyle factors that affect health and well-being.

I treat pain management.  Conditions treated include neck, back, sciatica and shoulder pain, migraines, headaches, women’s health issues, sinus congestion, allergies, cancer care, neurological disorders, TMJ, fatigue, pregnancy, labour induction, thyroid, digestive issues, insomnia, metabolism, stress management, rash, acne, arthritis and many other conditions.  I combine acupuncture with complementary therapies, as appropriate, to enhance treatments.

I am also certified in facial rejuvenation acupuncture to treat crowsfeet, wrinkles, jowls, age spots and dark circles and puffiness around the eyes.

Whether you’re experiencing discomfort or looking to improve the balance in your life, I hope you find yourself at home in my practice.