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Who We Are & What We Do

The Medicine Tree Healing Arts Centre is a community of individual healing arts practitioners. The centre supports the holistic nature of healing by providing education and services of alternative and complimentary therapies in a safe nurturing environment to ourselves, other practitioners, our clients and families, and our community.

Our Philosophy

Within every person there is a yearning for a quality of life that includes a sense of peace and well-being, deep inner connection, and a felt experience of love. As well, each of us possesses the inner guidance necessary for achieving this quality of life. We are committed to honoring and assisting people in accessing that place of inner guidance. Ideally, each person will then be directing action needed to further his/her own unique process of healing.

Some of Our Goals:

  • To help people improve their quality of life and health

  • To attune to, and provide assistance for our clients to connect in to their own inner knowing and to use it as a guidance in their healing process

  • To help people take responsibility for and be preventative in their own health care

  • To help people see their lives and health holistically

  • To encourage people to trust and believe in themselves

  • To accompany people in their lives in safe, respectful and compassionate ways

  • To provide our clients with quality, knowledgeable, effective services

  • To continue to grow professionally as well as personally

  • To live the healthy lifestyles we promote